HTNC welcomeDuring the Pandemic, we are offering our Saturday meal for take-away. Typically the simple meal includes a soup, sandwich, and other items.

Guests tend to line up (with six feet between) at 4:30 pm and our distribution begins at 5:15 pm.   In order to continue our program, all volunteers and guests must wear masks (face coverings over nose and mouth), maintain physical distance, and follow all COVID-19 protocols.

Some may notice the beautiful chalk drawings and word art on the sidewalk on Saturdays. This began as a way of marking 6 feet distance between guests, but has evolved into an artform, usually created by volunteer Ashley Malmfeldt-Shepherd.

As soon as it is safe, we hope to resume our Tuesday Senior Lunch, our weeknight respite shelter program, and other programs of HTNC.HTNC dinner outside